2020 Productivity Bundle

How Great is The 2020 Productivity Bundle Really?

As you probably already know, I am a planning junkie. I love everything to do with productivity and time management. So when Ultimate Bundles announced the 2020 Productivity Bundle, my excitement soared.

I immediately purchased my bundle and started sorting through the resources within it. After a few days of downloading, printing, and sorting through all the great products in it, I decided to do a review so you could see my thoughts on the bundle.

The 2020 Productivity Bundle Contents

This year’s bundle is amazing and full of value for you. $2837.06 worth of value to be exact! And that is not even including the bonuses! There are actually 74 products plus the bonuses in this bundle making it the best bundle I have seen so far.

2020 Productivity Bundle Contents

The Contents of the 2020 Productivity Bundle includes:

  • 11 Products on Building Routines
  • 9 Products on Getting Organized
  • 9 Goal Setting Products
  • 7 Products on Overcoming Obstacles
  • 10 Planners
  • 10 Review and Reflect Products
  • 12 Products for a Shifting Mindset
  • 6 Time Management Products

My Favorite Product

My absolute favorite resource of the 2020 Productivity Bundle has to be The Goal Crushers Mastermind by Brianna Berner of Spiked Parenting. It is only available to early-bird purchasers so if you are interested in it you may want to grab it right away.

The value is listed as $97, but I feel it is worth so much more!

In her e-course, she walks you through the complete process of goal setting. The greatest thing about this course is the opportunity to read, write or listen to the entire e-course. There is a wonderful workbook and journal available for download to use as you work through the course.

Other Products I Loved

I really loved most of the products in the 2020 Productivity Bundle, but the others that stood out as far as great value and most helpful in my opinion include the following:

2020 Productivity Bundle
  • Annual Review Workbook by Michelle Chang. This is a 14-page workbook PDF style that allows you to review the prior year of your business and set goals towards improvement. It is simple and easy to use.
  • Driven Women Academy Membership by Driven Women. This is an online membership with an active Facebook group for empowered women to get to know themselves, who they are, and their worth better. There are steps to take each day, short informative videos and nice worksheets to fill out on your journey.
  • A Year of Living Productively by Melanie Wilson, Ph.D. This is an e-book written to teach you how to live the most productively possible. At 254 pages it is a great read!

Why You Should Purchase The 2020 Productivity Bundle

As far as productivity goes, the products in this bundle hit every niche in life. From Mommies to career-minded entrepreneurs to bloggers to everyone in between, there is something for everyone in this bundle.

This is definitely one of the best bundles so far!

The 2020 Productivity Bundle purchase is $47.00 and is a great deal for a bundle worth $2837.06. This is a bundle you don’t want to miss! Get yours today!

2020 Productivity Bundle