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Approval Addiction – 10  Signs You May Be Suffering From One

Have you ever heard of an approval addiction? Do you know whether or not this addiction affects you personally?

Receiving validation from other people can most often make you feel rather good. In fact, sometimes it feels so good that you may develop an addiction to receiving that outside approval instead of being motivated intrinsically.

If you can’t motivate yourself without someone else’s approval, you may indeed be suffering from an approval addiction.  In this post, you will discover 10 signs that prove you are indeed suffering from an approval addiction.

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10 Signs of an Approval Addiction

To determine whether or not you have an approval addiction, read through these 10 signs to see how many relate to you and to what degree they affect you.

1. You’re Obsessed with Getting Attention From Others

You like being on social media, dating sites, or in any situation where you can attract people and get their attention. You thrive on others expressing an interest in you.

It might be difficult for you to be in an exclusive relationship with one partner. You would rather have the constant attention of new “dates” than risk the stability of attention from only one.

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2. You Need Constant Reassurance 

When you are in a relationship, you often find yourself asking whether they’re “mad” or “upset” with you. This may also happen with friends or family members.

If you often ask for reassurance about how someone feels about you, this may be due to a validation or approval addiction. 

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3. You Like to Brag About Accomplishments

This may seem odd, especially if you lack confidence. Sometimes people who aren’t confident tend to brag about all the impressive things they’ve done.

You may feel as though you will appear more worthy than you think you are. You hope that the people hearing what you are saying will agree and validate your thoughts.

The problem is you don’t actually and truly believe that you are all that great.

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4. Your Main Focus Is Money

You tend to think more about money than the value you provide the world. Of course, money is important globally. But it’s not the only thing important about you or anyone else. 

Your main thoughts will focus on income, bills and anything financial more than the other things in life that also matter.

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5. You Brag About Who You Know

If you find yourself naming the people you’ve worked with or met that other people find important, this is a sign of insecurity. You may feel you make yourself look better by being known by such “important” people.

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6. You Base Relationships On Wealth Or Reputation 

When you look at your closest friends, ask yourself if you picked them based on what you think they can offer you?

Consider those you cherish the most in your family also. Do you favor those that are excelling financially? Do you tend to look down on those that are not?

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7. Your Ideas and Opinions Change Depending on Who You’re With

You do not keep the same ideas and opinions across all friends, professional groups, and family. How you feel with one may not be the same feelings and comments you share with others.

You tend to be ok with your own ideas and opinions but may view others ideas and opinions as wrong. You often question others thinking.

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8. You Prefer Being in Control of Each Social Situation 

When it comes to networking and making friends or building relationships, you need to be the one in control. You may decide not to have anything to do with someone before you even get to know them.

Social situations and relationship building is scary because your self-esteem is low. However. instead of changing your thinking, you would rather not bother at all.

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9. You Easily Feed into Your Own Victimhood 

If something starts going wrong, you have a hard time seeing answers within yourself. You often place blame on others.

You feel good and safe being a victim instead of admitting where you have control and where you can make the change.

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10. Rejection Makes You Feel Out of Control 

When you feel rejection, it hurts. However, if you have an approval addition, you may become angry if someone rejects you because in your mind, you are doing everything the right way and they just don’t appreciate it.

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Do any of these signs hit home with you? The more signs you relate to the more you may be suffering from an approval addiction.

Some of the ways you may correct this addiction starts with building up your self-confidence. Learn how to be happy and eliminate any negativity so you can have a positive mindset. And by all means, learn how to improve your self-esteem.