Develop A Readership

How To Develop A Readership For Your Blog

So you have finally created your blog and you actually wrote that first post. Maybe you wrote a few posts. Now you need to develop a readership for your blog. But how do you do that?

From good quality content to sharing your content, there are many ways to drive traffic to your blog so you can develop a readership. In this post, you will learn how to promote your blog through a few suggestions that are sure to drive readers to your site.

To develop a readership to your blog your must drive traffic there.

Promoting your Blog To Develop a Readership

The 10 tips below are some of the best ways to gain readers on your site by promoting your blog. Although these ten suggestions are excellent ways to get started, it doesn’t mean that there aren’t other avenues of driving traffic.

Start with these 10 steps and see which ones work best for you. Then start searching for other ways you develop your readership. Remember that the more people see your posts and your site name the more they will tend to want to read what you offer.

10 Steps for Developing a Readership

1) Quality Content

Your content must be interesting for a reader. If they lose interest, you lose them as a reader. Once you are writing great content, it must be updated frequently also.

Whether you post once a month or weekly, or daily, it needs to be consistent. Readers and Google will want new, fresh, and interesting content published regularly.

Google loves content. The more often it is updated the more Google will share it for you in search. The more Google values your content the better your chances are of showing up on the first page in search.

2) Participate in Blogging Forums/Groups

You need to share with people what you have written. By contributing to forums like Quora, for example, you can openly talk with potential readers who do not currently know your blog exists on a topic that specifically relates to them. They can then ultimately become one of your readers in turn.

These conversations, where you may be solving their problems for them builds your authority. The more authority someone gives you the more they trust you. The more they trust you the better the chances of them becoming a reader when you share your site with them.

This also works for Facebook groups. Find a few groups within your niche and start contributing and sharing your posts there. Before you know it your readership will grow.

3) Publish An RSS/Atom/XML Feed To Develop A Readership

If you’re using Blogger, you can turn on RSS feed by clicking on settings in your dashboard and then clicking on site feed and make sure that your settings are set to yes. In WordPress, your RSS is your URL name followed by /Feed.

Many readers will allow your posts to be delivered by a service like Feedly on a weekly or even a daily basis. You can even offer your new visitors a pop-up message when they land on your site that offers a way for them to receive your posts by way of the RSS feed as your new posts are published.

These are both great ways to keep a person coming back again and again to read your new posts.

4) Choose Your Titles Carefully

When writing the titles for your posts always consider what your reader will be searching for. Think about the ways they will ‘word’ their search engine terms in the search box.

Using keywords within the title that are common keywords used in search engines is another great way to develop a readership to your site. You can read Keywords for Seo to learn more about how to use the correct keywords for search.

5) Comment On Other Blogs Often

One of the best ways to gain a loyal readership is to offer feedback on other blogs. The comment feature on these blogs allows you to add a link back to your site, which is helpful.

When commenting on another site, please remember to leave beneficial comments only. Simply saying, “great post” is not helpful in any way. Find a way to contribute to the conversation or add to the information given instead.

Another thing to remember when commenting is that it is not a ‘one and done’ situation. If you want your name to be recognized, people need to see it a number of times. Make ‘commenting’ on other blogs a regular habit.

6) Include Your URL In Your Email Signature.

Anytime you send any form of correspondence whether in a forum or in an email, always include your URL. Most email providers offer this option for free. There are also companies that offer a professional email signature for a fee. Just search Google for Email signatures and you will find a few to consider.

By including your URL in the signature, you are putting your site name in front of potential readers’ eyes in your comments or emails on a regular basis. Like I said earlier, the more they see that site URL the more they will come to recognize it and become a reader.

7) Submit Your Blog To Directories

Submit your blog’s URL to directories that will give your site exposure to new readers. These directories may be specifically for your niche or general directories like Medium.

By submitting your URL to these various directories you will be reaching potential readers that otherwise may never have been exposed to your blog. And that is an excellent way to help develop a readership for your blog.

8) Write Guest Articles For Other Bloggers

Research other bloggers in your niche or closely related to it. Read their content and see if you can write an article that is similar. Offer information their readers would benefit from. Then offer the blogger a guest post for their readers.

One small note of caution here – please don’t just approach a blogger you have never had any contact with and expect them to publish your post. They will not do it because they don’t know or trust you. Build a relationship first and network a bit before you even consider asking them to share your post with their readers.

Also, be sure to follow any guidelines they may have for writing a guest post. After all, it is their site, not yours so you have to be respectful. Guest posting for others, when done correctly, can be a great way to develop a readership on your blog.

9) Share Your Posts on Social Media Often

Most bloggers use at least one social media platform. It may be Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, or MeWe. Some bloggers use them all. Regardless of whether you use one or all of them, share your content on them and often.

You may need to determine which platform is the best place to share your content, like videos on YouTube for example, or photos on Instagram. However, once you pick the right platform don’t be afraid to share a short blurb on your post and the URL.

When other members on that platform see your shared post, they may share it with their audience and voila, yet another possible group of new readers. Use the power of social media, trust me.

10) Use External Links In Your Posts

Always and in every post include at least one or two links to other sites that relate to the content you are writing about. Try to make sure the link is in direct relation to the subject matter. If you are writing about gardening you don’t want to link to a post on fermenting food.

When your post is published, email the owner of the link you used to notify them that you shared a link to their site or to a specific post on their site. Often times, bloggers will share the post you published as long as it relates to the content that their readers are interested in. This means more traffic towards developing a readership to your blog.

In Conclusion…

Please remember to be patient. Traffic doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time. The best way to increase traffic is by getting to know people and spreading the word about your site. Spend some of your free time reading blogs of others and leaving beneficial feedback. This will also build friendships.

While you are waiting for the traffic to develop, enjoy your blogging journey. Eventually, you’ll develop a network of not just readers, but friends and loyal supporters. Blogging is not just about marketing. It’s a journey of creating lasting relationships.

Are you trying to develop a readership to your blog? Do you struggle to get traffic to your site? Follow these 10 tips to gain readers and subscribers easily.

What do you do to get your posts in front of new readers to develop a readership to your blog?