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10 Powerful Ways To Boost Your Mood In Winter

Do you feel like you need to boost your mood in the winter? Does the dreary, cold, gray days make you feel unmotivated and maybe even down?

Well, believe it or not, it is common to feel “blue” during the coldest months of the year. But that doesn’t mean you can’t change it.

In this post you will learn what causes you to feel so down and how you can boost your mood no matter what the month or season is.

What Causes the Winter Blues

Many people suffer with sadness, depression, or just a general feeling of blah throughout the winter months. After all, it’s gray and dreary, cold, damp, and all around yucky outside in most places.

It is easy for your surroundings to make you feel down. This is especially true in winter. It is so hard to see anything positive when everything is so gray and miserable around you and therefore it is even harder to find things to boost your mood.

There is even a medical condition called SADS, seasonal affective disorder syndrome. This is caused by a lack of sunlight and brings about moodiness in many people. You can read about this condition, its symptoms, and the treatment, here.

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Beating the Winter Blues

To boost your mood in winter and keep a positive mindset, there are some steps you can take right now that can help you. Try a few of these ideas to see which ones work the best for you.

If you can’t beat them, join them.

Instead of staying in a warm bed and thinking you want to go back to sleep, do what others do in winter. Go outside. Play in the snow. Go sled riding, collect icicles, build a fire and enjoy some hot chocolate while reading a book.

Sometimes we just need to find ways to enjoy the season instead of dreading it and waiting for it to be over.

Use the winter months for something you can’t do in the summer.

Many people do a lot of reading and movie watching in the winter. It is a great way to pass the time, stay warm, and occupy your mind with literature or good entertainment instead of dwelling on the cold weather outside.

Make a reading list, get those books, and set a schedule to read each day or night for a specified period of time.

Take the time to learn something new and creative.

Boost your mood by learning to watercolor paint, take a stained glass class, or take that online course you wanted to take but never seem to find the time for in the warmer months. By doing something creative you can occupy your mind and learn a new skill at the same time.

Wear bright colors

Think about the summer months and the bright colored clothing you wear. Stay away from browns and blacks as they are darker colors and are often related to funerals and sad occasions.

Turn the heat up and put on some shorts and a tank top. Pull your hair up and have a picnic in your living room. Recreating a summer day is a great way to boost your mood. Repeat this as often as you can.

Woman in bright colors in winter

Purchase a sun lamp to boost your mood.

Order a light therapy lamp and use it. I have a friend who suffers from SADS and she swears by her light therapy lamp. They are not terribly expensive (usually under $40) and are worth the investment.

Make sure to use the lamp for 30 to 60 minutes at the same time each day as instructed. You may be surprised what one will do to boost your mood.

Get your Vitamin D levels checked.

A lack of Vitamin D in your body is related to depression. Have your doctor check your vitamin D levels to see if your low. If so, order some Vitamin D tablets and set a tracker to remember to take them as needed.

Do you know where we get a good bit of Vitamin D from? It comes from the sun, so no wonder why our moods decrease in the winter. Boost your mood when you boost your Vitamin D levels.

Find positive things and people to surround yourself with.

Although you should do so year-round, the more positive the people around you and your surroundings are, the better your mindset and mood will be. Find those friends you love to laugh with and boost your mood by spending time with them.

Unless you’re a glutton for punishment, avoid the news daily, and instead, listen to a podcast or music that influences your mood in a positive way. Write in your journal. Start a gratitude journal.

Using friends to boost your mood

Develop a regular bedtime routine.

Inconsistent sleep patterns will definitely affect you mood in a negative way at any time of the year. therefore it is important to develop a regular sleep schedule.

Go to bed at the same time each night and wake up at the same time each day. Be sure to sleep in a cool, dark room, and no electronics at least one hour before bed. Set up a good morning routine.

Find a way to get in the sunlight.

If you work from home, try working near a window that gets some sun. If you work in a darker office elsewhere, try to get out in the sun at lunch or before it sets in the evening.

It will be cold during the winter months of course, but a shining sun is even more welcoming on a cold day. Don’t hide from the sun, embrace it.

Get professional help.

If trying the above ideas doesn’t help you boost your mood in the winter, then maybe a professional could help. Talk to your family doctor and explain what is happening. He or she can guide you in the right direction to get the help you need.

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Final Thoughts on How To Boost Your Mood in Winter

The winter blues can take a toll on your physical and mental health. Since you can’t change the season, you can take steps to help reduce the effects of feeling so blue.

Do you have other ideas to boost your mood in winter that aren’t mentioned here? Share them in the comments section to help others kick the blues to the curb.