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Do you accept Guest posts?

Yes we accept guests posts as long as they meet the requirements stated within the following FAQ’s. Please contact me for more information.

Can i include links within the post?

You may include 2 links to your own original posts from your site and I ask for 1 link to another post on my site also.

What is the required word count per post?

All posts must be between 700 and 3500 words and must convey the idea of the topic of the post without added “fluff”.

Can I include images ?

If you wish to submit your own images, they must be original or carry a commercial free license and be preapproved by me prior to posting.

What are the image requirements?

All images must be sent separate from the post content as compressed images. I will size them appropriately. Please note all images are subject to my approval.

Do i need a bio ?

Yes, I require a short bio and profile pic for all guest posts. Please include a link to your email, links to any social media profiles and a contact email.

Sponsored Posts ?

Check out the FAQ's about sponsored posts


do you accept sponsored posts?

Absolutely as long as they are in relation to the four main categories of the site; time management, productivity, self-improvement and motivation.

What is required prior ?

Sponsored product posts will not be accepted without a pre-trial or sample of the product being sent to me first and I must approve of use of the product. 

do you include ads with the posts?

Arrangements must be made if you wish to add a sidebar, or banner ad to run with your post. These are an additional fee. Contact me for more information.

What do you charge?

Because of the many options with a sponsored post please contact me so we can come up with the best way to fit your budget.

how long does the post run ?

This all depends on the topic of the post, if it is seasonal or holiday based, and if ads are being placed. Contact me above for more information.

What about social media shares ?

All posts will be shared on all platforms that annielewellyn.com uses when the post goes live. Contact me above for more information.

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Interested in coaching?

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Do you offer coaching packages ?

Yes we do. Use the contact form above to submit your inquiry.

how do i to started ?

Use the contact form and i will contact you with a time to discuss your needs.

What if i can't afford it?

I offer one-time payments as well as payment plans to work with most budgets.

can I cancel my coaching program?

We can’t control all circumstances, so if the need arises notify me ASAP.

Do you offer free services ?

If you are looking for free services you might want to consider my mentorship program. See below.

How long does coaching last ?

Coaching is based on your needs, so as long as you need me I will be there!

Interested in Mentoring?

Mentoring is like coaching but simpler and free!


What is Mentoring ?

Mentoring is basically having a friend on the other end of the line to answer simple questions, get advice, and stay accountable to.

what does it cost to be mentored?

The best part of mentoring is that it is free to become a mentee. Just remember that it is basic help and general answers to get you going.

how often can i use it ?

Mentoring is available during certain times and certain days only. As long as your within those times it is available.

how do i sign up ?

Just send me a message in the contact form at the top of the page so I can send you more information to get started being mentored.