Content: The Important Basics You Should Know

“Content is king”.

You hear it everywhere.

But that’s not all there is to that rule. Of course, it is true, however, let’s add more to it.

“Content is King, but Original Content is the King of Kings.”

So what do I mean by that statement? Let’s break it down.

3 Facts About Content

1. You must have content – words, phrases, information – on your web site.

Your content is the most important piece of your site. It may include:

  • blog posts
  • videos
  • audio
  • quotes
  • digital books

It is the “meat” of your site. It is what your readers are coming to your site to consume.

2. You should have “original” content on your web site. 

Original content is that which either you have created yourself, or you have received permission to repost on your website. It should be “original”.

Copying from another site, and putting it in your blog, where that information has been reproduced by another web-site, is not a good policy for bloggers. Especially without permission to do so! And it definitely will not help your rankings on Google. See the Top 10 Google Ranking Factors for more information.

As a matter of fact, you can and probably eventually will be penalized by Google for it.

This does NOT mean that everything, you post to your site has to be original and not repeated elsewhere.

For example, you may have phrases or snippets of wording used elsewhere. That’s okay. But don’t copy entire paragraphs and posts of others!

What it does mean though…

The majority of your website or blog content should be just that – YOURS.

3. It should constantly grow. 

You should be adding new and fresh information consistently. Stagnant blogs and websites that do not get updated regularly will see a drop in their Google Rankings almost immediately.

Your blog or website requires constant nurturing in order to grow.

It will NOT run on autopilot.

Why Does It Matter

Plainly and simply put, search engines look constantly for new content. They have very sophisticated algorithms to check what you write.

They check to see whether your content is original and if it is being updated frequently.

Content is critical!

Examples of Search Engines Results


Have you ever noticed that popular forums get indexed in the Search Engines? This is because they have a large number of page hits for their posts.

Posts on forums are ORIGINAL because they are written by members of the forum in response to a thread on a certain topic.  So when a search engine looks at a forum, they see original content.

The forum then moves up the list. This allows more people to find the forum in search results. The more people that go to the forum pages, the more “hits” and “eyeballs” are registered back on the Search Engine servers. And the forum keeps on moving up in the rankings.

The more hits the forum receives the more their rankings increase. The more posts the more original content. And the more original content the better the listing. The better the listing, the more people find the forum. Are you getting the picture? It’s a never-ending circle of success.

Adsense and Adwords

If you are still in doubt as to whether Search Engines can “read” content just take a look at Adsense and Google Ads.

When you go to a site with them, adverts are fed out based upon:

  • Content of the page you are on
  • Your IP address to determine which country and language you speak.

That’s why the ads you see are weirdly relevant to the content you searched for or something you have previously read.

Kind of creepy, huh?

Where To Find Original Content Ideas

Ask the Public

This is an awesome site to find anything you need as far as topics go. You simply enter a topic like “blogging” or “gardening” or even “babies”. Then it will bless you with questions, prepositions, comparisons, alphabetical, and related topics! Don’t mind the weird guy on the screen in the beginning, trust me he is better than the last guy they used!


This is Neil Patel’s site! You simply enter a keyword like above and it returns a wealth of information for you. This site tells you the number of searches per month, URLs of the top pages using that keyword, and even the number of shares on Facebook and Twitter! You can register for free and get even more keyword suggestions and more. Neil Patel is the king of SEO and blogging so this site is a goldmine and FREE!


This site allows 12 free keyword searches before you have to pay or sign up. It acts the same as the above. You can search Google, YouTube, eBay and Amazon here for their keyword rankings. Once you enter a word, the results page shows you an entire list of possibilities using your keyword and even other suggestions.

Keyword Sheeter

This tool allows you to enter a few keywords, one per line and it then does its magic! The results are millions of suggestions. As a matter of fact, the thing keeps going until you say “stop sheeting”! After the first box of suggestions, you can scroll below and see a whole list of suggestions and keywords you can use that relate to what you typed. I received 2120 keyword ideas in 2 minutes!

So your lesson on content is complete. You now understand what content is, why it is important and even how to find new ideas for content on your site. Remember the rule…

“Content is King, but Original Content is the King of Kings.”

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