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How To Easily Delegate Tasks To Increase Productivity

Are you feeling overwhelmed and unproductive? Do you feel like your plate is so full that you need a serving platter instead? Don’t worry, it is common to feel that way. What is the solution? Maybe you should delegate tasks to someone else!

What?! Let someone else do the work, you ask.

Yes, in this post I am going to share with you a few ways that you can start lessening up the load by getting others to help you when you learn to delegate tasks. And I promise you will feel better when you do!

Ready? Let’s dive in.

Why Should You Delegate Tasks

Let’s face it. You are busy, stupid busy sometimes. You may have kids to tend to, a boss wanting that report ASAP, or a garden that needs weeding. Or, you may have bills to pay, phone calls to make, dinner to prepare, and the list goes on.

Does this sound familiar? It should because many people are in the same boat. We all have the same 24 hours each day yet we find ourselves wishing we had so much more. Delegating tasks can’t give you more time, however, it can increase your productivity.

Allowing someone else to handle some of our tasks will clear some of our plates and allow us to be more productive in the areas that we need to focus on instead.

How To Decide The Tasks to Delegate

Deciding how, or to who, or even when to delegate tasks to others can feel complicated and confusing. When trying to decide which tasks need to be delegated, you must first consider 3 things:

  1. The importance or priority of the task to reach the end goal
  2. How much you enjoy doing the task
  3. Is someone else better suited for doing the task

Let’s look at each of those one at a time.

The Priority of the Task in Reaching the Goal

The first thing you need to consider when deciding to delegate tasks is how important the task is. Is this something that must be done? Or maybe it needs to be done in a certain way in order to reach your end goal?

If it is a high-priority task do you feel more comfortable doing it yourself? Or, is it something that is very important and you feel you do not have the right skills to do it well? If so, it may be better to pass it to someone else more qualified.

Let’s say you are working on marketing a product and you need a graphic for it. However, you are not great with graphic designs. You may want to pass it off to someone more qualified, as a graphic artist, for example. This is a great example of when you should delegate tasks to others.

While on that same marketing project you have some phone calls to make to verify attendance or invites to the reveal party. Those calls can certainly be passed to almost anyone else. It’s all about the priority of the task as to whether to do it yourself or pass it on.

How Much You Enjoy the Task

The second consideration to make when you delegate tasks is whether you enjoy the task or not. If you don’t like doing something, chances are you won’t do it as well as someone who does.

So, as mentioned above, if you have considered the importance of the task and you don’t think you will enjoy it, it may be a task worth delegating.

Many bloggers dislike the aggravation of writing their social media updates and posts. For them, it makes sense to allow someone else to do so. Consequently, they can concentrate on other aspects of blogging like writing posts that are more important for them to do themselves. Again this is a great way to delegate tasks and make your work easier.

If it isn’t crucial for you to do it and you don’t enjoy it, delegate it.

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Is Someone Else Better Suited for the Task?

Even though we touched on this point above, this is where most people struggle to decide whether to delegate tasks.

We tend to want to do it ourselves. We are bred this way. Think of the child that says “No, I’ll do it myself!” This continues into adulthood.

Above all, don’t be stubborn in your thinking. Be realistic. Are you qualified to do the task? Could someone do a better job, or complete the task much quicker? Don’t be intimidated by this.

Think about this. By allowing someone else to accomplish some of those tasks, even if you are capable, how much more time will you have?

On the other hand, think about that extra hour or more you may gain that will allow you to do more important tasks.

Common Tasks To Delegate

Depending on your line of work or your goals list, everyone’s tasks are different. However, below are some tasks that are commonly delegated. I have broken them down by type to make it easier.

Home Type Tasks:

  • Washing dishes
  • Folding Clothes/Putting away
  • Setting the table for a meal
  • Making beds
  • Picking up toys
  • Walking the dog
  • Sweeping/Vacuuming

Business Type Tasks:

  • Setting appointments
  • Making simple phone calls
  • Typing documents
  • Making copies
  • Checking/Forwarding emails

Blogging Type Tasks:

  • Scheduling social media updates
  • Returning emails
  • Pinning on Pinterest
  • Taking photos for posts
  • Designing or changing website items
  • Engaging in Facebook groups

Final Thoughts on Delegating Tasks…

Unfortunately, we can’t be everywhere and do everything all the time. Sometimes we need to find someone and delegate tasks to them, therefore, freeing us up to be productive.

Be realistic with your goals and tasks and determine when you should delegate tasks to others. Soon enough you will win back more time and therefore, more productivity.

Try delegating some tasks today and see if it doesn’t help you.

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Increase Your Productivity Through Better Focus E Book

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