Woman enjoying being alone on the beach

How To Enjoy Being Alone: 10 Powerful Tips

Are you struggling to learn how to enjoy life alone? Sometimes the idea of no one being around can seem daunting and depressing.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. After all, did you know that being alone gives you a greater appreciation of yourself? It’s true. So before you get completely discouraged about being alone, check out the following tips.

Benefits of Being Alone

One of the greatest reasons to enjoy life alone is the benefits. Being alone allows you to learn all about you. You learn your strengths as well as your weaknesses.

You also don’t require the constant approval you may feel you need from others when you are alone. You can make your own decisions and work through issues in a way that works best for you, not others.

Another benefit is that you appreciate the silence because you can observe more of your surroundings. For example, while at the park you may notice more around you than if you were with a friend or a significant other. In silence comes observations.

These benefits give reason to enjoy life alone.

Woman gathering wheat with arms wide open in a wheat field

The Two Mindsets of Being Alone

The Negative Mindset

Even though you are trying to enjoy life alone, there are always setbacks and instances when it is difficult to see the positive side go being alone. These instances can cause a negative mindset.

Examples of a negative mindset that may make you feel as though you can’t enjoy life alone may include:

  • Missing a loved one because of divorce or death
  • Loss or change in career where people were constantly around you compared to now, being at home or retired
  • Empty Nest Syndrome: when the children have all moved out and you feel the loss of their presence(s)
  • Not doing the things you enjoy so you feel bored and anxious
  • Moving away from your family home for the first time
  • Attending school where you live off campus

The Positive Mindset

Unlike the negative mindset, the positive mindset is the one you want to aim for. This is the mindset that allows you to enjoy time alone in a more positive way and appreciate who you are.

The positive mindset allows you to enjoy your “me time”. It looks forward to sitting in your favorite chair and reading a good book.

It is the mindset that allows you to walk away from stress and drama if it doesn’t relate to you without feeling guilty. A positive mindset appreciates you for who you are and doesn’t need validation from others.

The best part of having a positive mindset is that with this mindset comes a lot of self-confidence.

Confident woman

How to Enjoy Being Alone

If you are someone who is struggling to enjoy being alone, then have no fear. Remember that being happy is a mindset and a mindset can be changed.

These 10 tips should help you to start enjoying being alone:

1. Tell yourself it is ok to be alone.

Your mind is the most powerful thing in your body. And guess what? The only thing that can control its thoughts is you! Tell yourself often that it is ok to be alone and that you enjoy your time being alone.

Remind yourself often that you are alone because you made the decision to be alone and you are ok with your decisions.

2. Learn to see things differently.

Start truly observing the things in your surroundings. This may include the sounds, the people, the colors, and maybe the smells.

Try to notice the little things – a crack in the sidewalk, or the tall blades of grass under a tree. These observations may not have been made if you were busy chattering and laughing with someone else.

3. Find your inner voice.

You don’t have to discuss everything with someone else. You can talk and reason many things out yourself. If you are tackling a problem, try coming up with a solution by talking out loud to yourself.

Make your own decisions on whether or not to do or try something. Listen to your heart, your head, and finally your gut. Keep a journal for your thoughts. Try starting a gratitude journal!

4. Get creative.

Rearrange your furniture however makes you feel good in your home. Paint the walls a color you love. Buy, or better yet, paint a piece of art to hang in your home.

Creativity is a great way to bring on a sense of confidence when you finish a project. Especially when you know you did it yourself.

Woman with a paint brush and a pallet in her hands

5. Go on a date alone.

Go get a coffee at Starbucks. Go see a movie and then go get some dinner. And do it alone.

It may seem weird at first, but the “typical” movie date is a duo, however, there is no reason you can’t enjoy the movie alone. It is no different than watching tv, just in a theater.

6. Get musical.

Whether it be listening to an upbeat song, singing out loud, or dancing like the dancer in the movie “Flashdance” let music be a motivation to enjoy being alone.

7. Consider charity work.

Giving back to your community is a great way to help people in need. It is also a great way to help you feel good about yourself.

By volunteering, you can start feeling good about making the decision on your own and alone of helping others. That’s great for your self-confidence.

8. Learn something new.

Consider taking an online course and earn a degree. If continuing your education is not on your goal list, check your local community. Many towns and cities have programs that allow you to take creative classes in painting, dancing, and so on.

If leaving the house to learn is not something you can do then check out YouTube. You can learn just about anything there. My daughter taught herself how to French braid her hair on YouTube.

Woman walking on the beach

9. Adopt a new pet.

There is nothing more relaxing than to cuddle up to a dog or a cat. Animals like these can lower stress and blood levels too. So why not share your alone time with a furry friend. As an added bonus, they loyal companions!

10. Invest in your health and self-care.

Remember that you are important. Your health and the way you take care of yourself will affect how you see yourself and how you feel about yourself. Self-care matters!

Try booking a facial at a local spa. Get your nails done. Take a long hot bubble bath complete with essential oils and candles. Join a gym and start working out a few times a week.

Just do something that makes you feel good. If you feel good there is a better chance of you enjoying being alone.

Now you can go out and start enjoying being alone and discovering who you really are! You can enjoy your life even if you are by yourself. Take the time to get to know you again.