How To Have The Happy Life You’ve Dreamed Of

Who doesn’t want a happy life? Only a fool would turn that down!

Yet there are so many people out there that feel sad or even bad about their lives. Are you one of those people?

What if I told you the answer to a happy life was right in front of your face?

What is Happiness Anyway?

Happiness is a state of mind. It is a feeling of being content and a bit more than just okay with what you have, who you are, and what you do.

Happiness can mean different things to different people. Therefore, having a happy life may be different for each person. What makes a child happy may not be anything close to what makes an adult happy.

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Self Sabotaging Thoughts That Hinder Happiness

The Steps Towards a Happy Life

Did you know that happiness and having a happy life is yours to create? That’s right. By taking the right steps, you can have a happy life. Let’s look at those steps now.

Step 1: Stop Looking at Everything Negatively

Do you see the glass as half-full or half-empty?

If you see it half full you are what is called an optimist. That means you see the more positive side of things. If you see that same glass as half empty you are considered a pessimist and tend to see the negative side more often.

From negativity to a happy life

For every circumstance you experience in life you need to try and look at the positive side. Be the optimist. Look for the good. If it is raining think about the fact that after the rain the sun shines again.

If things are stressful at work think about the fact that you can leave work and go home at the end of the day. Whatever the situation, try to see the positive side and soon you will be on your way to a happy life.

Step 2: Think About Something Else

Sometimes all we need to do is to change our mindset. In other words, take your mind off of what is making you unhappy. You can do some simple things like:

  • Walk away from the negative situation
  • Just take a short walk around the block
  • Exercise
  • Turn on the radio to an upbeat song
  • Call a friend to chitchat
  • Play with a child
  • Garden
  • Read a book

One of the above-mentioned things may be just enough to take your mind off what is making you unhappy. It may even change your mood and make yourself less tense.

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Step 3: Face The Problem

The last step to help make a happier life is to take the very thing that makes you unhappy and deal with it. Be realistic. Take the problem, allow yourself to accept there is a problem.

Once you have an answer to what is making you unhappy about the situation try and find a way to correct it.

Are you unhappy with something in your home? Can you reorganize it to make you happy again? Are you unhappy in your relationship? Think of ways to make it better.

Step 4: Find People That Have A Happy Life

If the people that surround you are your source of being unhappy, maybe it is time to eliminate some of those people. I am not saying throw your husband or wife out, but maybe others bring you down.

Do you have a friend you love dearly but being around them just seems to bring you down? Try eliminating some of your time with that person. It is so easy to allow other’s moods to affect our own.

Then find more positive people to surround yourself with. Their positivity will wear off on you.

Final Thoughts on a Happy Life…

Happiness is yours to create. You have the ability to turn any situation into a positive and happy one. You can have a happy life. But it is up to you to change the way you see things. Be positive, think of happy things, and deal with the issues head-on.

And remember this…everything that happens to us happens for a reason. Sometimes we cannot control the circumstances, but we can always control the outcome on ourselves.

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Self Sabotaging Thoughts That Hinder Happiness