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The Negative Impact of 10 Bad Habits on Your Family

Did you know that the impact of bad habits can adversely affect you and your entire family?

This is especially true when you have children. Kids learn most of their bad habits from their parents. If you’re a parent or you influence kids, you may want to start eliminating your bad habits and start replacing them with good habits.

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You Cannot Handle Stress

How you respond to stress in your life is usually a habit by the time you’re an adult. If you were not taught the correct ways of dealing with stress during childhood, you will probably repeat what you were taught when you are an adult.

If you know you deal with stress poorly, it is time to start changing the way you deal with stress. Then you will not pass it on to your children. Instead, you can teach them the correct actions to take so they do not follow in your footsteps.

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Spending Money Impulsively

If you observed your parents or caregivers spending money on unnecessary purchases on impulse, it’s more than likely you do it too. Unless you’ve realized it, and learned to stop it, you will bring upon yourself financial issues just by spending money without thought.

change your money spending habits now, before it is too late. Financial burdens are hard to bounce back from. Establish a budget and stick to it. It will take some discipline but the end results will be worth the effort you put in.

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Misconceptions About Money

Adding to the above, bad ideas about money in general can be passed on to the kids. If you fear money due to not having enough, or fear not having enough, you may make some very bad choices that will negatively impact you and your family.

Look into programs that will help you with your bills and even an over all financial system. Check into Dave Ramsey’s program or others similar.

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Worrying Obsessively

Demonstrating constant worrying about things you cannot change will also rub off on your family. Children see their parent, the person they most trust in the world to keep them safe.

Being worried about everything will make them feel unsure. It can cause them to sometimes act out badly.

If you want to stop worrying, you may have to get professional help – especially if it also comes with inherited anxiety. Research counseling for excessive worrying if needed.

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Being a Picky Eater

Some picky eaters have a reason they are the way they are, such as being on the autistic spectrum and having texture issues. But others are only that way due to copying their parents.

If you are a picky eater, you can be picky without showing it to your children. When they hear their parent doesn’t like something they may automatically feel the same way. This is only because you feel that way.

Let them try new foods. Let them make their own choices. Above all let them decide on their own what the like and dislike.

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Not Expressing Yourself

Believe it or not, you teach people how to treat you. If you never express your thoughts, ideas, and feelings about any situation, no one will know how you feel. You may feel as if you’re being mistreated and act out on that too, causing a rift in relationships.

It is so important to express your feelings, but in a positive and caring way. By showing and expressing your feelings you will teach your children to express theirs.

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Poor Communication Skills

Part of not expressing yourself may have to do with poor communication skills. Some people get very nervous talking to people (even their family) about any issues theyíre having. So, they keep it to themselves.

This is not a good idea. And it is by no means healthy. Instead, learn to be open and positive with your family. Talk openly and honestly. Learn how to speak in public.

Children need to feel like there is an open line of communication at all times.

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Inability to Maintain Good Relationships

If you cannot communicate, you’re over-worrying, and you don’t like confrontation, it can be hard to maintain a good relationship with your family. Building and maintaining good relationships can be learned by example.

When you show your kids that you’re not spending any time with your spouse, they learn something from that. You need to set an example.

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Not Saying “I’m Sorry”

You’ve heard people joke about not being able to say they’re sorry, but this is not a good quality for someone to have. If you are one of those people, learn how to do it now.

It’s easier than you may think. Just state what you did wrong and then say, “I am very sorry.”

Do not be afraid to take ownership of your actions.

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Eating a Poor Diet

Definitely, diet is passed on to kids. Think about how children from all over the world eat interesting food based on what their parents eat. This proves that taste is a matter of what you are used to.

If your parents demonstrated and fed you a bad diet, unless you work toward change you’re going to do the same with your kids. Set a precedence based on good health.

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Changing the Impacts of Bad Habits

There is no doubt that each of these bad habits can negatively impact your family. What’s worse is that you are at risk of passing these types of bad habits on to your children. Even spouses can catch bad habits from each other.

Take the time to stop doing the habits that can harm your relationships with your family. Instead, start correcting those habits so you can instill healthy habits in your children. Your family will appreciate the changes in the log run.