Woman sitting at a desk writing her intentions down on paper

Living Intentionally: 10 Smart Tips To Get Started

Are you living intentionally? Do you have purpose for what you are doing in your life? Can you answer the “why” for the things you do and say or how you react?

Many people spend their entire lives going day to day with no reason for their actions or their thoughts. Then, later, they wonder why life seems so hard.

In this short guide, you will learn why it matters to live life intentionally, the benefits you will reap from doing so, and how to get started at living intentionally once and for all.

What Does Living Intentionally Mean?

Living intentionally is all about making the decision each day to live the life you choose. Basically it is making decisions in your life based on your morals, ethics and beliefs. It also includes your wants and desires.

Those decisions should be the basis for your actions. Those actions will help you create the life you desire. The intentions you set for yourself will and should apply to every area in your life.

It is similar to writing a life plan for yourself. It’s a guide for you to follow.

Areas of your life may include:

Your intentions will may determine what you put in your body, how you treat your body and how active you are. They may help shape your future goals and aspirations as well as the steps to achieve them. They will be the basis that determines who you socialize or spend time with.

Person holding paper with good intentions on it

Benefits of Living Intentionally

When you make choices that allow you to start living intentionally, those choices come with many benefits. Here are some of the benefits of living intentionally:

  • An achieved a sense of fulfillment that you are making good choices
  • Self-confidence will increase greatly
  • Better outlook for the future and future events
  • Enjoyment in life and in the things you do

Tips To Start Living Intentionally

Now you understand what it means to start living intentionally and are aware of the benefits. It is now time to get started living an intentional life.

The following tips are a great way to start;

  • List the areas of your life and write what you want to change and what can stay the same. Include any areas that pertain to your life. These may include the areas mentioned above. You may also list other areas that pertain to you.
  • Make the decision that now is the time for change! Your mindset comes into play here. Positive mindset = positive life!
  • Start small, one step at a time. You can’t change everything in one day. Take your time and tackle each life area one day at a time. Start with the most important area of change and work your way down your list.
  • Start decluttering. This may mean a room of your house or every room. It may be a closet, your desk, or your car. By dwindling down on the clutter, it will be easier to focus on what’s important.
  • Find yourself some support. It is so important to have support, especially when making life altering changes. Find a family member or a friend that will support you and help you to stay positive and motivated on your journey. Avoid negative people and events as much as possible.
  • Know your values and beliefs. Know what you stand for. Make a list of what matters to you. If you are interested or currently use a planner, check out Day Designer. They have a great section for you to sort out these beliefs, passions, strengths and weaknesses.
  • Get your finances under control. Knowing what you spend and where your money goes is so important for a good peace of mind. Get on a budget, start a savings, and above all, get that debt paid off. Check out The Farm Wife’s Income and Expense Spreadsheetok for guided help. She also has some great posts on finances.
  • Believe in yourself. Know that you can do anything you put your mind to.
  • Keep a journal. Keeping a written record of your thoughts and actions is a great way to stay motivated. In the future, you can look back in your journal and see what you did prior to help you move forward.
  • Reward yourself. Don’t be afraid to treat yourself for a job well done. A dinner and a movie, a spa day, whatever comes to mind. Celebrating life’s wins is a great way to keep motivation high.
Woman sitting having coffee and living intentionally

Final Thoughts on Living Intentionally

Living intentionally won’t happen overnight, but with patience and determination you will notice the changes. By using the tips above combined with some great support, you should be well on your way of living an intentional life in no time.