A New You New Years image with champagne flutes.

A New Year A New You

This year instead of planning your goals for business, your home, or your career, let’s make plans for a new you!

I don’t mean completely changing into someone else. What I mean is let’s concentrate on improving you personally. 

Let’s work on your mind, your body, and your spirit instead. Through the month of January, let’s concentrate on discovering who you truly are, and a new you!

New Year New You

Where Do You Start?

The first thing you need to do to discover the new you is to get a notebook or a journal. Any notebook will do. It is just for you to write your thoughts in.

Now, what do you write about it? Let’s start with 2 columns. Simply draw a line down the center of the page. 

On the left side label it “what I want to change about me”. And on the right side, write what I like about myself.

Now be very honest and take some time to list whatever comes to mind.

Journal Pages

Start With What You Wish to Change

Take each item you wrote down in the “want to change list” and think about ways to change them.

For example, if you are unhappy with your weight, think about what things you can do to change how you feel about your weight. 

Open to a new page in your journal, write what you want to change (your weight, in this example), and list the things you can do to change it. 

In the above example I may write: go on a diet, drink more water, join a gym, start doing yoga. 

Repeat this with each item on your list of things to change.

Weight loss plan

Set a Plan for Making the Changes

Now take this list you made and the ideas you wrote and make a plan for changing to a new you. 

In the weight example above, if one of your ideas was to join a gym and exercise regularly, make a plan for it.

First, call around and decide the gym you will join. Once a membership is paid for, get out your planner (you do have one right?) and write in a few days a week to go to the gym.

If drinking more water is a goal then find a habit tracker and start using it to track your water intake. 

Go through and repeat this process for each change you listed towards the new you. 

Habit tracker

Set up Accountability

How will you hold yourself accountable for the plans you set? Will you simply count on yourself to follow through?

You better be pretty disciplined to do that. Instead, have you considered an accountability partner? 

Having someone you trust that will inspire and motivate you is a great help when trying to make the changes and become a new you.

Find someone you trust, share your goal with them. Then set a date and time each week to report your progress to them.

Sometimes having to answer to another person is enough to help you follow through!

Accountability friends

Reward Yourself

When you reach a goal or a small milestone that you set for yourself, decide on a reward you will give yourself.

This can be anything from a simple look in the mirror and saying “I did it!” to a treat such as a new outfit. A new outfit is a common reward for losing weight by the way.

Just make sure the reward fits the feat you accomplished.

Woman enjoying a massage as a reward

Back To The Journal

Now let’s go back to the journal. Date your page and write about what you wanted to change how you went about making a change. Write how it made you feel. 

Also talk about what you struggled with, and whether or not you made the change completely or if it is a long-term project.

On the podcast this week I talked about writing in your journal and how to use it to give gratitude. You can check out that episode here.

Clock reflecting prior to midnight on new years

Keep Going

Great job! Now you know how to not only list the changes you want to make, but you also know how to make a plan to get those changes made. And you can keep track of your journey in your journal.

Continue to work on one area at a time. Before you know it, you will have made some great changes for a new you.

Don’t worry, the entire month of January you can learn more about discovering who you are here! Make sure you check back each week to learn the next step in discovering a new you!