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Do you struggle when it comes to achieving the goals you have set for yourself or your business? Do you start the quarter off with what you think is a great set of goals only to find yourself way off course by the end of the first month? You aren’t alone in trying to beat the obstacles of goal setting.

Let’s look at some of those obstacles of goal-setting one by one and learn some easy ways to overcome them. For a really great 90 Day Goal planner check out the 90X 90-Day Undated Goal Planner I use!

Obstacles of Goal Setting

Obstacle 1: Not Allowing Enough Time

When you set a goal you set a deadline. That deadline is the date that you want to have reached the goal right?

Sometimes when we set that deadline we don’t think about all the tasks or steps involved in attaining that goal. So we set a date and start on our goals journey.

For example, if you want to build a house you wouldn’t set the deadline 30 days from now. There is no way you could completely build that house in that timeframe.

So what happens when you set an unrealistic deadline is that you reach your deadline, you’re not even halfway through the steps and you are discouraged. You set yourself up for failure in the beginning by not allowing enough time in the first place.

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The fix, allow time for each of the tasks for the goal involved to be completed. Think through all of the tasks and allow each task a more realistic amount of time. Once you know the time needed for each task you can set a more accurate deadline.

Now you have solved one of the obstacles of goal setting.

Obstacle 2: Making Unrealistic Goals

The second of the obstacles of goal setting is making unrealistic goals. These are goals that are made but cannot ever be attained. They are goals that are basically impossible to reach.

An unrealistic goal would be to say you want to make one million dollars by next month. Now maybe you can hit the lottery or something off the wall, but the average person can’t make one million dollars in 30 days. It just isn’t realistic.

The fix… set reasonable and realistic goals. Think about the goal and make sure what you want to achieve is realistic and that you are capable of succeeding at it.

Goals * Plan * Success

Obstacle 3: Not Setting a Deadline

No goal will be successful without a deadline. A deadline provides the time frame for the goal to be completed. Having no deadline is one of the obstacles of goal setting.

If there isn’t a date for completion we as humans tend to allow the goal to move down the priority line and before you know it, it is no longer on our radar.

Remember in school when you had those reports due and you waited to get them done? At the last minute, you rushed to complete the project because you knew there was a certain date it had to be done by. Goals are the same way. If we don’t set a deadline, the goal will never be completed.

The fix for this obstacle of goal setting is to set a date for each task involved in attaining the goal and a final deadline for the completion of the goal in its entirety.

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Obstacle 4: Not Making It Measurable

Every goal you set must be measurable. Read about SMART Goals to learn more traits. This means that you are able to track your progress along the way. You should see as the results come in that you will reach your goal in the set time.

When a goal is measurable it means you will see, hear or feel the results.

One way of making a goal measurable can be done by using a habit tracker. With this tool, you simply check off a box each time you do something specific that needs to be done on a regular basis. Drinking 8 oz of water each day is a common item to track.

Other items to form a habit include the following:

  • taking medicine
  • taking vitamins
  • exercising
  • reading
  • going to bed at a set time
  • writing a blog post

Obstacle 5: Not Being Relevant

The final challenge in the obstacles of goal setting you may need to overcome is not making your goals relevant for you. Do you really need to run a marathon? If you never had an interest in running and there isn’t a true benefit that would make it beneficial for you, do you need to set a goal for it?

You may think of goals based on things you see others doing. Don’t base your goals on them. Their life is not the same as yours. Your goals should be relevant to you and your needs and wants.

When setting goals think about “why” you want to reach that goal. Is it something that will help you and move you forward? Is it necessary for growth? If so, go ahead and set that goal. If not, set the idea aside until a later time and concentrate on the relevant ones now.

Final Thoughts on the Obstacles of Goal Setting…

Goal setting is not easy. It takes a lot of thought and determination. By being able to overcome some of the obstacles of goal setting you will make better decisions about the goals you make for yourself. They will become attainable, relevant, measurable, realistic, and in turn, successful.

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