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How To Design The Perfect Blogging Schedule

Every blogger wants to have a successful blog and the perfect blogging schedule. Yet, as bloggers, we seem to change things constantly, always trying the next best thing that comes along. Just when we have a routine down some new app or program, or a simple way of doing things gets introduced to us and Bam! Just like that, we change it up, only to find out that “thing” wasn’t the best choice we could have made.

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Does this sound like you? Do you feel like you keep making adjustments and fine-tuning things to achieve the perfect blogging schedule, yet you feel like you aren’t quite there yet? You are not alone. Many bloggers feel the same way.

I am going to teach you how to determine what your perfect blogging schedule actually is. Then you can take the suggestions here and transform it into a customized schedule based on your personal blogging needs. Ready? Let’s dive in.

Know What Your Blogging Tasks Are

Before you can just jump right in and make a schedule, you have to be aware of exactly what your schedule needs to include. What are some of the blogging tasks that you perform daily or weekly? To figure this out you need to list all of the tasks that you complete during a normal week on paper.

Your List May Include the Following:

  • Researching
  • Outlining
  • Writing Posts
  • Social Media Scheduling/Sharing
  • Checking Email
  • Linking to Blog Hops
  • Designing Freebies or Opt-ins
  • Projects (Collaborations, Ebooks)
  • Writing Newsletters
  • Marketing
  • Administrative
  • Designing Graphics or Taking Photos

Of course, this is just an example. Your list may be really long or really short. What matters is that you list everything you do during the week pertaining to your blog. As you list your tasks, make sure to make a note as to whether they are done daily or however often you complete it, and how long you usually take to complete each task.

Determine Your Daily Work Hours

Now that you have a list of everything that needs to be on your schedule you need to know what time each day you have to devote to those tasks. To do this you can simply make a list of each day of the week. Under each day, list the tasks that get done and how many minutes each task takes to complete.

office hours chart

Now decide what time you will start working each day, how many breaks you will take, and what time you want to be done working for the day. Write your start and stop times above your weekly list on each day.

Keep in mind that each blogger’s schedule may be different. I work about 8 hours a day, other bloggers may work 4. You have to determine the number of days and hours that are best for you. There may also be things that come up which will prevent you from keeping a regular schedule. This is why it is advisable for you to do a daily schedule rather than try to set ‘8 to 5’ in stone.

Allow Enough Time To Complete Everything and Take Breaks

Let’s say on Monday you want to start working at 7 am. And let’s also say you want to be done working by 2 pm. You know you have 7 hours to schedule in all of your tasks and your breaks. Does your schedule of tasks you wrote down on Monday fit into that timeframe? If so, you are golden.

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However, if there are more than 7 hours of work that you listed you need to make some adjustments. You could work until 3 pm, for example, to gain an extra hour. Or you could move a task to another day when you are not so busy. This is where you have to decide what is best for you.

Don’t Schedule Things That Are Not A Priority

One of the biggest mistakes I see bloggers make is that they schedule too many tasks every day. Usually, most of those tasks either do not need to be done daily, or they are using more time than necessary to complete them.

An example of this is email. I understand you need to check it every day, but how many times do you actually check it? I’ll bet it is more than twice. And do you find yourself spending an hour sorting email one at a time? Isn’t the extra time your spending on sorting email, (and probably junk email at that), better spent on post writing or designing opt-ins?


Cut that time checking email down to 10 minutes and use the extra time to write better content or work on improving your SEO instead.

Schedule the Most Important Tasks at Your Peak Hours

Everyone has that one time of day that they operate at their peak performance. Mine is from 7 am until about 11:30 am. Knowing those are my peak hours means that the most important tasks or hardest projects are scheduled during those times. When are you at your peak energy?

Woman working at peak energy

Follow this peak energy period by scheduling a short 15 or 20-minute break. After your first break is scheduled, you can add the lower priority tasks to your schedule. Again, after the next period of work, schedule a break if needed. A good rule of thumb is to take a break every two or three hours for at least 10 to 15 minutes. It helps clear your mind to focus.

Put Your Perfect Blogging Schedule Where You Can See It

Once you think you have all of your tasks listed and in the right time slots for the week there are 3 places to put that schedule.

  • On a wall calendar
  • In your planner each day
  • In a list to be checked off

I know what you are thinking right now. Why do I need to write it 3 times? Well, I will tell you why one at a time.

Writing Your Schedule on a Wall Calendar

By writing out your plans on a wall calendar you will see it every day. You don’t have to write every task there. However, you may want to write tasks that don’t get performed every day. Tasks like blog hops, or collaborations, or administrative tasks.

Wall calendar

When you add these one-time tasks on the wall calendar, they are always right in front of you so you don’t forget to do them. I also recommend you write them in colored ink or highlight them so they really stand out.

Writing Your Blogging Schedule in Your Planner

Your planner should be open and on your desk every day. Your planner is like your life on paper. In it, you should record your daily to-do’s, special events, and more. My planner shows me daily my work tasks, my personal life tasks, appointments, meals planned and more. Yours should also.

Weekly planner

Ideally, your planner should have at the least a space to list your top 3 priorities for each day and have space for you to check them off. The point of writing everything, especially your blogging schedule in your planner is that your planner can go with you. You will always know what’s coming up and what free time you will have.

Writing a To-Do List

Alright, we can make this one optional. My planner has enough room each day to include all of my tasks so I don’t need to make a separate list. If your planner allows this too, no to-do list is necessary.

A to-do list is the perfect way to follow your perfect blogging schedule

However, if your planner can’t hold enough information on one daily page, then a to-do list is for you. This way you have a list each day that shows what needs to be done. You simply check it off as you complete each task. There is something about all those checkmarks that makes us feel as if we have made great strides for the day.

Final Words on Setting Your Perfect Blogging Schedule

You now know how to make a schedule of all of your blogging tasks, how to prioritize them and how to place them into a daily schedule. Please note, only you can decide your perfect schedule. I cannot design it for you. Everyone’s circumstances and needs are different. I can make suggestions about how to figure out what to put on it and I can lead you in the right direction as I have here. However, the end result is on you only.

Do you struggle with creating the perfect blogging schedule? These tips will walk you through step by step in making a customized blogging schedule that meets the personal needs of your blog easily.

If after trying the method above you are still struggling to make a schedule that works for you I am available to help. Just drop me a message here and I will try and help you as much as I can.

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