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How to Create a Positive Mindset

Keeping a positive mindset and using positive thinking can be a struggle, especially during difficult situations. It is understandably so. It’s easy to feel surrounded by negative thinking when you’re restricted to home and constantly hearing and seeing negativity in the world.

Making things even more difficult is the constant flood of negativity that comes from the news and social media. It’s important to take your mental health seriously and having a positive mindset is the key.

There are two ways of being or feeling when it comes to mindset during such stressful situations. You may be able to focus on the positive outlook and be an optimistic person, or you may have a negative mindset and feel challenged to stay productive and see a positive outcome.

This “new normal” that we’re facing comes along with a mindset change to the way you are living. Your attitude can be everything when it comes to having a healthy and positive mindset. You must find a way to change your behavior, your negative attitude, and how you interact with others.

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Creating Positive Thoughts

Don’t feel so isolated. Instead, how about thinking of it as an opportunity to spend much-needed quality time with your family. Make it a good thing and try to look on the bright side.

Maybe you find yourself unemployed suddenly. Maybe you are now home with the kids. This can cause negative thoughts.

You could give in to the worry and let it stress you out completely. Or you can use positivity. Use this extra time spent with your children or to become closer with a family member.

Try making it a fun experience to remember in a positive way! Remember, not all learning is done in a formal classroom or behind a computer screen. Instead, why not take the kids outside for a nature walk? Allow them to collect leaves or flowers and then label them in their own nature journal.

Why not try to make a homemade weather station, where they measure and record the daily temperature, rainfall, and humidity. They can keep track of their findings in a weather journal. There are plenty of resources available for finding active learning ideas that are positive things.

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Simply Unplug for a Positive Mindset

Another way to keep a positive mindset is to try and unplug. Try to take a break back from the tv or computer screen. Try to eliminate access to negative news all day. Remember, there are still good things happening in your world.

You can search for some funny videos to watch. Do Facetime with friends and family. Do something to make yourself smile. These are all positive things that can reduce your stress levels.

Sometimes just changing what you’re wearing can make a difference in how you think and feel. If you’re working from home now, get up and get dressed just as if you were headed to work.

You may get that needed mood boost and positive thinking in gear. Achieving a positive mindset can also be as simple as using daily positive affirmations. Try different things until you find what works best for you.

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Giving yourself a mood-makeover is something you can all do to help yourself stay focused on the positive things. Especially when you are having a hard time coping.

Remember, no one is perfect. So, when you feel like you are starting to slip into negative thinking patterns, try making a conscious effort to reset to a positive mindset. A positive attitude goes a long way.

Immediate Gratification Will Not Promote a Positive Mindset

Immediate gratification is defined as the desire to experience fulfillment without delay. In today’s world, it’s more attainable than ever.

Some examples of how people allow for immediate gratification are food, shopping, and entertainment. It’s human nature to want something good. It is also normal to not want to wait for it. But, there’s such a thing as too much of a good thing.

Be conscious of how much immediate gratification you allow yourself. Doing so has some perks. Take the time to ask yourself what you really need and want and if you’re willing to wait for it.

You can become more mindful and productive and develop a more positive mindset by doing so.

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Overconsumption of Food

Overconsumption of food, as well as the types of food that we as Americans tend to reach for, is a common problem. Almost all of us are guilty of it. After a long day at work or taking care of your kids, it’s much easier to stop at McDonald’s for dinner.

But, it’s as well known that fast food-type foods aren’t good for you or your family at all. Instead of the immediate gratification of a quick meal, you can instead, make the mindful decision to choose better health instead.

All it takes is a bit of planning ahead to have a healthy meal already prepared at home. By consciously choosing to not give in to the immediate gratification some foods provide, you and your family will be healthier.

Family Dinner at home


Shopping is another way you may achieve immediate gratification. It feels good to buy something that you want. Especially if you feel it is a good deal. With online shopping being so easy, buying has never been easier.

Ask yourself if you really need those “things”. Being mindful of spending habits can save you money and that is not a bad thing. After all, financial stability is more important than the “next new thing”.

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Entertainment is another immediate gratification. You most likely have a smartphone. The internet is at your fingertips at all times.

It’s probably not uncommon to be on your phones constantly. You may be checking social media or playing a game. If you were to put the phone and computer down, and engage with people more, you would be able to build stronger, more meaningful, productive relationships.

By being mindful of your urges for immediate gratification, you can curb them. You can make better decisions on the things that affect your life. Immediate gratification is so easy, but, easy is not always best for you in the long run.

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Set Yourself Up For Future Success During Or After A Crisis

Let’s face it, life is full of surprises. Some are positive and some may be challenging. Your reaction to the unknown defines you.

A crisis is subjective, unplanned, and can range from a small occurrence to something catastrophic. You may not be able to predict when a crisis or even a simple change is coming. But that doesn’t mean you can’t be better prepared for it. It just takes a little bit of forethought.

There are several things you can do to set yourself up for success after a crisis:

Don’t live outside your means. Living paycheck to paycheck is difficult. It can take an emotional toll on your mindset.

But, struggling to pay your bills, for example, becomes even more stressful when there are other struggles going on in life too. During these times positive thinking can be a struggle.

There are some steps you can take to live within your means.

  1. You can reduce your monthly payment by downsizing your home.
  2. Make a budget and stick to it. When formulating the budget, take a close look at your spending habits.
  3. You can save by cutting out eating at restaurants, cable tv and entertainment costs.

All of this will help you feel more comfortable in the future if the unexpected should happen.

Couple creating a budget

There are some useful pastimes you can take up that will enlarge your life with new skills and ultimately help set you up for future success.

  1. Gardening is fun and has functionality. Growing your own food will help you financially as you can cut down on your grocery bill. There are plenty of herbs, fruits and vegetables that are easy to grow and require a relatively small amount of space.
  2. Learning to sew is another way to cut costs. You can do your own alterations, pillowcases and other useful household items and maybe even your own clothes.
  3. Take care of yourself. When you are physically and mentally healthy, you are more equipped to take on any challenge that comes your way. Regular exercise is important. It reduces stress, increases your energy level, and allows you to get a good night’s sleep.

Hardships are a part of life. Planning ahead and bettering yourself will drastically increase your chances of success on the other side of a crisis. 

Starting a garden

Managing Your Mental State

Managing your mental state and keeping a positive mind can be a complicated task. There are so many things that can negatively affect you each day.

These may include small inconveniences to larger, more complex problems. Our state of mind is a combination of our past, present, and future thoughts and feelings.

Whenever times seem tough being able to manage your mental state is most important. Self-awareness should be first when it comes to managing your mental state. Negative self talk can be destructive.

You need to understand how you feel, where those feelings came from, and why you have them. Only then, will you be able to manage your mental state. This is much easier said than done though. It can be difficult to change a fixed mindset.

A professional may be needed to help you understand your feelings. Sometimes. talking with someone, even if it is just your best friend, can help put your feelings in perspective. This is beneficial for having a positive mindset. Once you learn why you feel a certain way, you can start understanding your feelings. Then you can manage them better.

Talking with a counselor

The Power of Breathing for a Positive Mindset

Mindfully breathing is a powerful tool, especially when dealing with negative emotions.  Breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth slows your heart rate and will minimalize stress and anxiousness.

Alongside breathing, meditation will help clear your mind. Simply spending fifteen minutes per day practicing breathing and meditating can clear your head and allow for a positive mindset.

Using Positive Affirmations Daily

Using positive affirmations daily will also help your state of mind. These are positive words you repeat to yourself daily.

You can talk to yourself while looking in the mirror in the morning. Tell yourself things such as; “I am confident.” or “I am relaxed and happy” These thoughts will enter your subconscious mind.

Over time, you will start to believe the positive affirmation you have repeated to yourself. This will allow you to change your cognitive patterns away from the negative thought and into a positive mindset. You will then have a positive mental attitude.

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Avoid Self-Medicating

Don’t give in to the quick fix of self-medication. Using alcohol or drugs will not make you feel better. They will only enhance negative feelings.

Stay sharp and in tune with yourself. Allow yourself to be positive. Consciously manage your feelings.

Staying on top of your mental health is not easy. When faced with challenges or a crisis, remember there are tools that can be used. In return, you will become more self-aware, calmer, and happier.

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Managing Your Physical State

Taking care of your body is as important as taking care of your mind. In fact, physical health and mental health are closely related and even affect each other.

The best physical health can be difficult to achieve without good mental health and vice versa. Physical health refers to exercise, and choices that you make to avoid diseases to stay healthy, and live a balanced life.

During hard times, stress, anxiety, and fear can weaken you both physically and mentally. Smart lifestyle choices are important for managing your physical health, especially during a crisis.

Staying physically active is beneficial in many ways. Exercise make your body stronger. It can lower high blood pressure, improve circulation and prevent osteoporosis. This helps you to be able to live longer.

It can also lead to mental health improvements such as better energy and mood boosts, improvement of your self-image, better sleep, and positive stress management.

These benefits will aid in better overall health for you. You will be able to handle the tension better during tough times.

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Eating Correctly For a Postitive Mindset

Healthy eating and staying hydrated will benefit your physical health. Stay away from fast food and prepackaged and overly processed foods.

Instead, try to focus on fresh food with an array of colors. Colorful fruits and vegetables offer the antioxidants needed to help your body fight against cancers, heart disease, and hypertension.

Eating a rainbow of foods will help your body stay physically strong and boost your immune system. Drinking plenty of water will help with weight management, kidney function, and overall mood. That is a good thing.

How to Create a Positive Mindset

Get Enough Sleep

It’s recommended that adults get at least seven to nine hours of sleep per night. Staying on a sleep schedule can help. The body uses the time it is sleeping as the time to repair its muscles and organs.

It is when the body resets itself and files away memories. Being well-rested helps with cognitive and immune system function.

Managing your physical health is closely related to your mental health. Both are equally necessary for you to have the most positive mindset possible to take on life’s stress.

Whatever crisis you may happen to come in contact with or difficult times you may encounter, you will have a better chance of dealing with it and coming out of it if both your physical and mental state are on a positive note.

And who knows, maybe you can find your silver lining in life after all.