Be the Boss of Your Time and Your Life: Companion Workbook

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This is the Workbook companion which helps you to put your life plan on paper. It is designed to follow along with “Be The Boss of Your Time and Your Life”, which can be found on Amazon. Follow page by page and step by step with both the book and Workbook and transform yourself into being the boss of your time and life!


All too often, we feel like anything and everything takes the position of ‘Boss’ in our lives. Schedules demand our time. Homes and jobs demand our attention. Calendars are overflowing with ‘Things to Do’. It can make us want to throw up our hands, give up, and just wade through a cluttered life.


It is time to stop the whirlwind, and take back control of your life.


Time to organize your days and schedules without getting overwhelmed. But just exactly how do you do that? With ‘Be the Boss of Your Time and Life’ book and workbook, you can have your life back on track. Daily life management will be a snap!

Be the Boss of your Life and your Time is designed to help you learn how to determine your goals, then take steps to make them work for you. With a system of priorities, tasks, and even better management of your time and money, this book will help you find organization within the chaos. This book has examples to follow, a list of simple tools you need, and down to earth advice. It also helps you to learn the difference between ‘avoidable’ and ‘unavoidable distractions, how to deal with them, and how to get back on track easily.

The Companion Workbook follows the book chapter by chapter and offers easy to use worksheets. These worksheets help you to ‘see’ your thoughts and ideas as you progress through the book.

If you truly want to get your life organized and have more free time in your day, the Be the Boss of your Time and your Life book and Workbook is the perfect way to get started! Order your copy of Be the Boss of Your Homestead on Amazon. Then download your copy of the workbook from here. Start today to be The Boss of your Time and Your Life!

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