How to Better Prepare Yourself For Public Speaking Easily

Does the idea of public speaking scare you? Does the idea of being on a stage in front of people make you nervous? If it does, guess what? You are not alone! Many people are afraid to speak in public.

Speaking in front of a large group of people, and even a small group can cause many reactions. Consequently, you may experience sweaty palms or shaking hands. Some experience heavy anxiety and nervousness. Have you felt like this?

Well, guess what, if you are a successful person, chances are that at some point you will have to get the courage up to do so. So let’s discuss some tips to help you ease your mind about public speaking.

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Tips for Public Speaking

Try and use some or all of the tips here to ease your anxiety about public speaking. If one of the suggestions doesn’t work for you it is okay, try another.

Prepare Yourself for Public Speaking

Public speaking is not something that usually is thrown on you in the spur of the moment. Usually, you will be given plenty of time to prepare. Use that time wisely. Here are some tips to being prepared.

  • Understand what the subject or topic is you will be speaking about.
  • Read information from books, magazines, or articles to become more familiar with your topic.
  • Gather all of the information you will need to prepare your talk or speech.
  • Practice what you will say out loud. Once you are well-prepped rehearse it again in front of friends or family.
  • Try recording yourself with your cell phone so you can see and hear what you look like when you present your talk.

Remember the old saying that practice makes perfect. The more you rehearse your speech the better you will deliver it. By practicing in front of others you may receive some important tips on fluency and structure. They may even mention whether or not you seem comfortable while speaking.

Take any advice and suggestions you get and try to utilize the help as best you can.

Have a Drink

I don’t mean to pour yourself a vodka cranberry drink or down a beer here. Although it does work for the comedian Ron White, it probably isn’t the best way for you to go.

What I mean is to have a drink with you when you are giving a speech. Many people keep a bottle of water. It can be juice, soda, whatever you like.

Taking a gulp of water before entering the stage has a calming action for some reason.

Having that drink near you when public speaking allows you to pause and keep your pallet wet. There is nothing worse than a dry mouth or throat when speaking in front of an audience.

Breathe Deeply

Taking a deep breath before entering the stage is a great way to calm your nervousness. That burst of oxygen that the brain receives when taking that breath allows your brain to work at it’s best.

You can take as many deep breaths as you need before entering the stage and always take one last one before you start public speaking.

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Start With An Icebreaker

Most people relax after they start talking. Usually, it is the silence of the crowd waiting on you to speak that seems to bring out that nervous feeling we sometimes get when public speaking.

By starting with something to break the ice it may, for instance, help your nervousness. Maybe you can start with something funny, or something that makes the crowd respond like a simple “hello everyone!”

Have Confidence When Public Speaking

In order for anything that you decide to do to go the direction you want it to you have to have confidence. This is especially true in public speaking.

Believe in your abilities. Tell yourself that you can do this and do it well. Build yourself up in a positive way!

Need help building your confidence? Try these tips.

  • Find some motivational podcasts to listen to on the topic of confidence.
  • Practice positive affirmations out loud daily or as often as you can.
  • Find someone for support. Other people will often help to boost your confidence when you reach out.

Free Tips For Public Speaking

DownloadBecome A Better Speaker Tips Reporttoday and receive monthly tips, tricks and motivation to become more confident while in the act of public speaking and in business!

Become A Better Speaker Tips Report

Final Thoughts…

Remember that you are the star! A star is confident and sure. Be confident with your ability!

If someone asks you to do some public speaking in an area you are familiar with, accept the invitation, follow the above steps, and before you know it you will become an excellent public speaker!