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5 Powerful Ways in a Fearful World for Staying Calm and Confident

2020 has been tough and stressful, to say the least! Most of us went into the new year with high expectations, positivity, and confidence only to find ourselves with diminishing hopes as the year went on. But you can make a change in your outcome. You can make 2020 end on a positive note by learning 5 powerful ways for staying calm and confident.

Staying calm and confident is no easy task. We are human after all and therefore, we experience emotions that are not always on the positive side. We feel stress, anxiety, fear, grief or sorrow, and anger. It is okay to feel these emotions as long as you don’t allow them to take over your mindset.

But how do we do that? How do we stop those negative emotions and transform them into positive thoughts? Let me show you 5 ways you can begin feeling calm and confident in most any situation.

Learn the 5 "C's" that can assist you on your journey towards a better life and a better attitude no matter what your current situation is.

5 C’s of Staying Calm and Confident


The first “C” of staying calm and confident, is control. When we control something we basically decide its course and then determine the outcome we want. Unfortunately, many people are too busy trying to control things outside of their abilities and lose track of the control they have over their own lives.

Your first lesson is to stop trying to control other’s decisions and actions. Unless someone wants to do something different or wants to act differently themselves, no matter what you say or do the outcome will be the same. Let it go. Worry about you.

This is a hard concept to swallow, especially if those you are trying to control are your children or a significant other. Just remember this, their decisions are their decisions. You can offer guidance but you can not make someone do or behave in a certain way just because it is what you want.

Instead, start learning how to control your actions, your thoughts, and your mindset. Your mind is the most powerful thing you have and with it anything is possible. Take control of your life and start yourself on the path to staying calm and confident with your new level of control.


When you stop trying to control others and choose to take control over your own self, the second “C” of staying calm and confident comes to play – Change. You must change your thinking about and in yourself to make this change happen though.

But how do you do this? It’s easy! Think about what you need to take control over. Is it negative thoughts, is it feelings of anger or sorrow? Maybe you need to control your attitude towards situations or people around you. Think about what you must change in order to gain control over those situations.

What is it that you must do to make things better for you? What must you change to be happy and confident? List them out and then decide on a course towards making that change happen.

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Once you have let go of control over others and have decided to make changes for yourself you will use the third “C” of staying calm and confident, Concentration.

Using concentration means focusing on something specific, namely you in this example. Concentrate on the actions you must take to make those changes we just talked about happening.

Make a set of goals from the list of changes you wrote down. Now concentrate on the steps you need to take to reach those goals. What are the things you must do to make those changes happen?


The fourth “C” of staying calm and confident is Create. At this stage, you will create the action steps in detail that you must take to reach your goals of staying calm and confident.

This stage of the game brings about the most work and planning on your end. You must determine everything that must happen in order to achieve your goals. You must decide the what, the how, the when, and most importantly the why of what you are trying to accomplish or achieve.

Create a lifestyle plan. Learn who you are and what is most important to you and your well-being. Check out How To Develop A Life Plan Successfully, and make sure to download the guide to help you for more information on how to do so.


The fifth and final “C” for staying calm and confident is care. Of course, you care about others, but this form of care is solely about you and your personal care.

Your level of personal care will help determine the outcome of many things, from your ability to think and create to how you mentally and physically feel. Your self-care is most important, therefore, it is important to include it in your overall plan of action.

Self-care includes any and all of the following:

  • Routines (morning and evening routines)
  • Personal Time (meditation, free time)
  • Healthy Hygiene
  • Diet and Exercise

All of these areas are important to your overall well-being. Work on these areas one at a time to improve each one. Improvement in self-care can form a solid foundation for your well-being. One self-care is in place, other areas will be easier to work with.

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Next Steps…

By following this series of steps you can accomplish anything. The 5 “C’s” are your guide to accomplishing anything you set your mind too. They are the key steps to staying calm and confident.

Do you feel like you need more guidance? Do you understand the concepts here yet do not know how to begin, or maybe how to plan out the steps you need to take? Reach out to me. Let me know how I can help you.

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