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A Do-Nothing Day: An Excellent Way To Relax

Have you ever heard of a do-nothing day?

Sometimes life comes at us fast and we just aren’t ready for it. We rush to work in the morning. We rush home to beat traffic. The kids need fed and homework must be done.

Then on our days “off”, we have laundry, yard chores, or sporting events for the kids we attend. It seems like it never stops. This is where a do-nothing day comes in.

What is a Do-Nothing Day?

A do-nothing day is not exactly what it sounds like. It is a day that you do nothing that causes stress or anxiety.

Now I am not telling you to lay in the bed in your jammies and be a vegetable all day. Although, if that’s what you need to recoup from a hard week, by all means do so.

No, instead, it is a day to do the things you want to do that you may not get time to do otherwise. This may include things like just reading a book, taking a walk, or sitting on the porch with a glass of wine and watching the clouds.

It is not a day that you run children everywhere or clean your house.

I know what you are thinking right now. “Yeah, right, how I am I supposed to take a whole day off and do nothing?” I am about to show you.

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How to Find the Time for a Do-Nothing Day

A do-nothing day can be tough to schedule sometimes. It may require some support from family members or friends. Here are some suggestions to make time for a do-nothing day.

If you have children:

  • See if your local daycare can keep them on your day off for a few hours.
  • Ask a relative to babysit.
  • Have your spouse spend a day with them.
  • Arrange you do-nothing day while they are playing sports or have something they will be attending.
  • Swap babysitting with a friend. She keeps all the kids one day, next time you keep all the kids.

If you have a roommate or significant other in the home:

  • Pick a day they are working or away.
  • Spend your do-nothing day elsewhere like a park or even a hotel.
  • Ask them to respect your do-nothing day and explain why you need it.
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Planning for the Day

Now that you know how you will handle the kids or others in your home, you need to plan the actual day. For most people, weekends are much easier to plan this type of day. For others, a weekday may be better.

Stop and consider your schedule. If you work Monday thru Friday, the weekend might be best. If your a stay-at-home-mom, a weekday may be better.

Decide the best day for you to have your do-nothing day and make it a planned item just as if it were a workday or an important meeting date. Block off time in your planner for your day.

If you make it a part of your schedule for the week you are much more likely to follow through with it. I schedule one do-nothing day a month.

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What to Do on Your Do-Nothing Day

Remember this day doesn’t mean you do-nothing necessarily. It simply means you do-nothing that stresses you or makes you feel overwhelmed. You do remember the things you enjoy right?

Here are some suggestions for your do-nothing day:

  • Take a walk in the park or on a walking trail.
  • Do a craft. Paint, draw, create some stained glass ornaments.
  • Read that book you haven’t had the time to read.
  • Take an online course you have been wanted to take.
  • Have a spa day at home or in-spa complete with a mani-pedi and a facial. Anything self-care related.
  • Get a massage.
  • Binge watch your favorite movies or tv shows.
  • Go antiquing or window shopping.
  • Shop the local thrift stores or yard sales.
  • Go to the beach.
  • Fly a kite.
  • Have a picnic.
  • Play in your garden.

These activities are just a sample of the things you can do. The beauty of this day is for you to relax and rewind.

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What Not To Do on Your Do-Nothing Day

Just as there are many things you can do on a do-nothing day, there are things you shouldn’t do also. Doing these activities will defeat the purpose of your no-stress, relaxing day.

Tasks you should not do:

  • Work on your business tasks.
  • Catch up on housework.
  • Babysit for others.
  • Chores that need to be scheduled like car maintenance, paying bills, etc.
  • Yard chores like mowing.

These chores can be done during other days of the week. This day is about you. Only you. If you want to visit a friend that’s fine. Have fun. Just don’t do the normal routine things unless you have to.

A do-nothing day is also not to be combined with date night. That is for another day. Besides, that gives you two breaks if you schedule a do-nothing and a date night in the same week. Smart huh?

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Final Thoughts

Now that you understand what a do-nothing day is and how beneficial it can be for your mental health, what are you waiting for? Have you scheduled your do-nothing day yet?

Do you have other ideas for a do-nothing day? tell me about them in the comments below.