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Ultimate Guide To What Is A Life Coach?

I’m sure you heard of the term “life coach”. But do you know what one actually is?

A life coach is someone who communicates with you to learn what areas of your life you want to make changes too.

These may include:

He or she will help you identify your strengths and weaknesses and support you while you make a plan to accomplish your goals.

Once a plan is made, the goal is to guide you through the process to allow for long lasting change.

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Who Needs a Life Coach?

Anyone can use a life coach. Usually one is sought out when someone experiences difficulty with some area of their life and needs assistance in making a change.

Some situations that may require a life coach are the following:

  • Having a lack of creativity
  • Feelings of stress and overwhelm
  • Feeling unhappy with your relationship
  • Wanting to switch careers but don’t know how to go about it
  • Wanting to stop a bad habit(s)
  • Needing a change in general but can’t figure out how
  • Wanting better self care or general health
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Which Type of Life Coach is Right for You?

There are many types of life coaches available. Some are more general whereas some are specialized in certain areas.

Some areas of specialization include:

  • Marriage/ relationships/Divorce coaching
  • Life Skills coaching
  • Addiction coaching
  • Behavior coaching
  • Entrepreneur and business coaching
  • Diet/Exercise/ health coaching
  • Financial coaching
  • Parenting coaching
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What a Life Coach Can do for You

One of the greatest benefits of having a life coach is to gain a new insight on things you may not have seen before. It’s like a new pair of eyes.

Another benefit is that you will have someone to not only point out your strengths but will also help you overcome your weaknesses as well. It means you may accomplish more and faster than trying to tackle issues on your own.

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What a Life Coach Cannot Do

Although a life coach can create a new plan to accomplish your goals and support you on your journey, he or she cannot treat you medically or “diagnose” you of any mental or physical Illnesses. 

Treatment that requires that kind of therapy or medication is referred to a health care professional. 

A life coach can not fix your problems. They simply assist you in creating a plan to follow and can provide support. You have to do the work.

They will be like an accountability partner that will hold you responsible for your own actions and support you on your journey.

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What to Expect

Most beginning sessions start with communicating exactly what it is you are trying to achieve. It is then followed up by assessing your strength and your weaknesses.

After that, you will work together to create a feasible plan to achieve your goals.  How often you meet will be determined between the two of you once a plan is established.

Overall sessions can last anywhere from a few weeks to a few years and beyond. The choice is yours. 

Always keep in mind that changes take time so don’t expect immediate results. Also remember that you are the one to do the work and you create the plans. Your coach is more a guide and a support along your journey. 

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Where To Find a Life Coach

There are many ways to find a life coach that’s right for you. A Google search for “life coaches near me” is a start. Don’t forget you can ask friends and coworkers for referrals too. 

If locality doesn’t matter check LinkedIn. There are a lot of resources from all areas there. 

Search on Google and see what comes up. Try inserting the type of coaching you are looking for then research your results for one that resonates with you and your needs.

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Final Thoughts

A life coach can be a worthwhile investment and a beneficial choice if you are ready to pursue your dreams and goals but may feel as though you may need a guide for your journey. Try investing in a life coach and achieve the life you always wanted.